Interview with Christian Tissier

Our latest interview with Christian Tissier Shihan is live!

In early June 2018, we attended the annual Kyoto International seminar with Christian Tissier, Miyamoto Tsuruzo and Okamoto Yoko Shihan, on the mats, behind a booth, and behind the cameras. 

Christian Tissier has been supporting Seido from the beginning, and we meet on a regular basis. Since we have started our "Budo Studies" series of interviews (which covers both Budo and Kobudo), it felt natural to ask him for an interview. We are very grateful for his time, as well as his open mind and honesty in his answers. It makes this interview not only the longest available in video, but probably the most personal. 

This interview is published in 7 episodes, and this article will be updated after each release. 

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A special thanks to Josh Gold of Aikido Journal for opening its archives and to Guillaume Erard for providing us with his own archives.




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