10% Off All Kendogi, Iaidogi & Hakama

10% Off All Kendogi, Iaidogi & Hakama

The beginning of April is the beginning of the Sakura season, during which most Japanese will take some slow time to enjoy Hanami (watching the cherry blossom), a beautiful season in Japan. With a good weather, it is the perfect time of year for practice.
April is also the beginning of the school year in Japan. Young Japanese are enjoying their last days off as they prepare to get back to school for early April. After 2 to 3 weeks off, many dojos are starting their regular training again, including the Narishoken Kendo Club near our office where 4 of our staff members practice.
With this in mind, we thought that it was time to do a discount on our Kendo/Iaido Dogi and Hakama, 10%, as usual. This discount should also please our fellow Kobudo practitioners who wear Kendo and Iaido gears for practice.
This current discount ends on April 25th, 10 am JPT.

March report

  • On March 24th, a symposium on the Life and Legacy of Donn F. Draeger was organized in Tokyo by an amazing group of non-Japanese practitioner and long term resident: Alex Bennett, Antony Cundy, Daniel Lee and Bradford Pomeroy. According to the request of those 4 gentlemen, we teamed up with Guillaume Erard to cover the event, recording all 4 presentations and shooting some additional interviews.
    A controversy arised on social networks based on a fake news stating that we were sponsoring the event. Seido did not sponsor this event in any way and we have not provided any financial support, nor benefited from the event in any way. Given our involvement with the Budo and Kobudo community, and given that Seido and Guillaume Erard gather by far the widest Kobudo/Budo audience on Youtube, it was simply natural that we covered this event. As practitioners, we were also honored to have the opportunity to contribute to this tribute to the work of the great Donn Draeger, a man without whom it is likely that none of us would be living our lives in Japan.
    The first lecture is already published on our Youtube Channel: Donn Draeger, Hoplology & Koryu Bujutsu & Budo - By Hunter Chip Armstong.
    The other lectures will be published soon on Guillaume Erard and Seido Youtube channels.
  • Right before the event, we published the very last video of the 42nd All Japan Kobudo Demonstration series.
    Stay tuned, the Asakusa Kobudo series will start by the end of April!
  • Mid-March, we published a trailer of our interview with Yamamoto Tahahiro of the Taisha Ryu Kenjutsu. This trailer had an incredible success on Facebook, but we're going to share the YouTube version here for more flexibility with the subtitles: [Hyoho Taisha Ryu Interview Trailer] Yamamoto Takahiro Shihan
    The first part of the interview will be published around mid-April.
  • As announced last month, our office brand new third floor was completed by mid March. A much better environment will allow a better focus, and a new photo/video studio to further improve our productions.
  • Finally, and interview with Seido's Founder Jordy Delage was published on Youtube by Guillaume Erard: Jordy Delage, on Ueshiba Morihei's spiritual path (1/4) - Aiki Talks w/ Guillaume Erard.

April is going to be very busy, with lots of contents to publish, the Asakusa Kobudo event, and some time off at the end of the month for the longest "Golden Week" (consecutive national holidays) that ever happened in Japan. (Check the details in the news... we'll have to close for 10 days!)

Enjoy our contents, enjoy the discounts, and have fun on the mats!






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