20% OFF ALL Handmade Hakama - In support to our century-old Hakama workshop

20% OFF ALL Handmade Hakama - In support to our century old Hakama workshop

Our Hakama workshop, based in Ueno is undoubtedly, the oldest workshop in Japan for hand-sewn Hakama, with a century-old history. Suppliers for many famous brands, it produces Kendo, Iaido, Kyudo, Sado, and Aikido Hakama. As far as we know, it is the last workshop manufacturing hand-sewn Aikido Hakama. Due to the cost of the production process and the high level of skill required, it is very unlikely that any other workshop could duplicate their Hakama. This is also the workshop that set the standards for the first Aikido Hakama in the 60's.

Many dojos have been closed for more a month now in Japan, and for the past 2 weeks most of the Western world has been put in lockdown, resulting in a drastic decrease in orders. In this difficult times, small workshops and artisans are the most vulnerable, and we are following up with all our partners on a regular basis to ensure they will survive this crisis. Our Hakama workshop is the first that requested assistance from us, and we did answer the call by temporarily increasing our stocks. But it is not enough.

As you know, Seido offers high quality products and takes pride in running this business with a Budo ethic. We think it wouldn't be honest to display higher prices and advertise nonsense discounts, which means that it wouldn't be sustainable for us to offer more than 10% on a regular basis.

But special times call for special measures, and this is why we are offering 20% discount over all our handmade Hakama. A level of discount we never offered before that applies to Aikido Hakama (all but the two 2 Keiko models), Kendo/Iaido Hakama and Nobakama.
This level of discount leaves us with a very tiny margin and isn't sustainable in the long run, so we will only be running this campaign for one week, until April 8th, with the hope that it will fill up the workshop's order book.

If you were considering the acquisition of a new Hakama, and if you are in a position to purchase one, please consider this opportunity!
Also feel free to add comments for the craftsmen to your order (there's a comment box at the cart step). We'll translate all comments and pass them to the workshop.

Covid-19 Situation Update

We are currently taking all appropriate measures, working hard with all carriers to ensure the as few delivery disruption as possible and working on how we can support the community during this very difficult time. 
Saying that we are doing great at Seido would be a lie, we are suffering a huge decrease in orders, but Seido is, by design, more stable than most of its partners, so for now, we're doing all we can to stabilize the situation. Our next newsletter will come in about a week, with more detailed information. 

In the meantime, please note that Seido is currently NOT impacted by the situation and accepts orders as usual. Shipping to China Hubei and Wuhan regions, Mongolia and Iran is completely suspended. Some areas in France, Spain, Austria, India, Peru, Philippines and Sri Lanka are in temporary lockdown but carriers are organizing their network so they can resume deliveries as soon as possible. Slight delivery delays to other European and Asian countries are to be expected (1 to 3 days). No delays for America, Africa and Oceania at this time. Also note that given the lead time to deliver our packages outside Japan there is no specific sanitary risks for packages shipped from Japan.






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