August Special Offer

10% Off on All Aikidogi, pants, jackets & sets!

How is your summer going? Japan is getting really hot with temperatures hitting records on a regular basis. 
Since most Dojo don't have air conditioners, it makes training quite hard. Mid-summer is always the moment we realize we don't have enough Dogi for a decent turnover: wearing, sweating, washing, drying, start over. 

O'Bon holidays will start soon this year, set from August 12th to August 15th.
During this period, part of our staff will be working, so support email should not suffer any delay. However, all our workshops will be closed and shipping will be significantly impaired, which will result in noticeable shipping delays. 
Of course, as usual, all the shipping dates displayed on our website remain accurate and our website stays 100% operational, so you can place your orders at any time.

O'Bon is a Japanese Buddhist custom to honor the spirits of one's ancestors. Nowadays, it is a one week period during which many Japanese companies close and allow their employees to take some vacations with their families. All generations meet for parties and celebrations in honor to the ancestors. Japan has a fairly positive vision of death and if it's always with a heavy heart that we visit the graves of our ancestors, we celebrate our family time with joy.

Since nothing significant happened in the past 2 weeks, we'll pass on the usual "report" we publish every month, but stay tuned because we'll have a lot going on in the next few weeks!

Enjoy our contents, enjoy the discounts, and have fun on the mats!






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