February Special Discount

10% OFF on all Hakama!!

After last month's offer on all our Dogi, we wanted to give you the opportunity to complete your budoka outfit with a 10% discount on all Hakama. All of our Hakama are 100% made in Japan, and our traditional models are made by the oldest workshop in the country, the one that basically invented Aikido's Hakama.
Whether you practice Aikido, Kendo or Iaido, we have everything you need, from classic training models to heavy or Aizome models, including Nobakama.

Of course, like almost all of our products, you can customize your Hakama, so don't miss this opportunity!

This offer will end on march 1st, 11 am JPT.

We would also like to take this opportunity to keep you updated on the situation of the wooden weapons workshops. Unfortunately, things don't get much better at the Matsuzaki Workshop, and the Nidome Workshop has significantly reduced its production due to the lack of high-quality oak. Production time for all made-to-order and custom-made weapons is still 4-5 months (orders placed this month should be ready by next June at best). Our stocks are still very low on most products, and the next restocking is scheduled for mid-March.
We continue to monitor closely the situation and be sure that we will keep you updated as the workshop situation develops.

Please note that we will be closed on February 11th (Thursday), the foundation day, and the 23rd (Tuesday), for the Emperor's birthday, which are public holidays in Japan.

January report

We added many new products last month:

  • You can now order your own custom made Calligraphy. Choose up to 4 Kanji, select the writing style between the 3 traditional writings, the Kakejiku style and you'll have a unique handmade calligraphy to display in your Dojo or at home. All our calligraphies are made by Master Koreian Saiun as he goes by his Shodo master name.
  • If you need to store your weapons, we added two new high-quality Katanakake coming directly from the Aramaki workshop: a Sunuke Horizontal Sword Stand for storing 2 weapons in the most exquisite way, and a Katanakake Keyaki for your Dojo. This model is available in 5 or 8 levels depending on your needs!
  • We are now offering a new pair of Sayagata Deluxe Setta made of synthetic deer leather and natural rubber. These modern style Setta leather features a "sayagata" pattern, one of the most important buddhist symbol which inspired numerous Japanese traditional designs.
  • And to finish with the new products, we are very glad to offer you a brand new Samue: the Temple Style Cotton/Polyester Samue. Designed by Buddhist temple monks, it will suit your everyday needs to perfection. Solid, well-cut, this is a high-quality Samue model that will delight all enthusiasts of Japanese tradition, as well those seeking an original homewear or leisure outfit for a family outing at the weekend, or even Shiatsu practitioners.

That's it for this month, more products will be announced in the next weeks, so stay tuned!
Enjoy the discounts, and see you soon on SeidoShop.com!






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