June Special Offer

Free presents with all orders!

Temperatures in Japan have reached a peak that is starting to make long and hard keiko a challenge!
Nonetheless, we're still giving ourselves 100% both at work and at the Dojo. Part of our staff will be attending Christian Tissier Shihan & Miyamoto Tsuruzo Shihan's joint seminar in Kyoto (at the amazing Butokuden) at the beginning of June. If by any chance, you're planning to join, let's have a beer after Keiko!

As usual, May has been extremely busy; we have published more than 30 videos of Koryu demonstrations from the 36th Asakusa Kobudo Takai, and also parts one and two of our interview with Usami Hiroji of Sosuishi Ryu. 
Tomorrow, we will be at the 56th All Japan Aikido with our double booth and with our cameras. So stay tuned because there's a lot to come on our youtube channel very soon!

No big spoiler but... we'll have a huge surprise for you in June!

We've decided to launch again a program we already tested in the past, the "Presents with All Orders" program. 
Here is how it works: 

  • For any order: A free Seido sticker
  • For any order over 10,000 YEN: a free key holder, and you can choose from: Aikido, Kendo and Karate models.
  • For any order over 20,000 YEN: a free embroidered Towel (you can choose from Seido, Aikido or Zanshin embroidery designs).
  • For any order over 35,000 YEN: a free Tenugui (you can choose from: Seido model, Zanshin model white and Zanshin model blue). 
  • For any order over 50,000 YEN: a free hardcover book: Kendo: Culture of the sword, on the history of Budo creation and development during the Meiji era, by Alexander Bennett (a really, really great book). 

Note that presents pile up! If you order over 50,000 YEN of goods, you get all presents! 
Also note that we may change the terms of this offer at anytime, depending on products' availability.

Enjoy the offer, and see you soon on SeidoShop.com!

Note that this offer ends on July 2nd , 10 AM (Japan time)






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