March Special Discount

10% Off All Bokken & Weapon Sets!

February has been unusually warm in Japan and Ume (Japanese apricot) flowers are already blooming in Tokyo. If the Sakura (cherry blossom) now has the favors of the Japanese, Ume flowers were particularly appreciated at the time of the samurai.
For our March discount, we've decided to offer a 10% discount on all Bokken and all Weapon sets.
As usual now, in-between our February discount and the March discount, we've run our monthly charity event. Two days during which there is no discount on the website but a 10% donation to charities instead.
As stated on our charity program information page, if you do not wish to participate in those events, we invite you to wait until it ends.

This current discount ends on March 29th, 10 am JPT.

February report

  • Publication of about half of the demonstrations of the 42nd All Japan Kobudo Demonstration .
  • We shot an interview with Yamamoto Takahiro sensei of the Taisha Ryu Kenjutsu school. It was an amazing moment (you can find a few pictures on our Facebook Page), and we are really looking forward to the public release of the interview. We are currently working on the pre-editing research, we expect to release the first part by the end of March.
  • Last but not least, we've released the full collection of the Jisei Iaito lineup, including 3 full custom modules. We also added all Jisei Kanagu, Tsuba, Fuchi/Kashira, Menuki, Kojiri and even Kozuka and Kogatana, making our catalog the largest online catalog for Iaito pieces.
    Not only are there new products, but Jisei Iaito are also highly customizable. This customization is available in English at such a level for the first time; to do so, we had to develop an original module presenting all available customizations, which is the most advanced Iaito customization module ever published.

March is going to be calm regarding publications, both on our website and on YouTube. This is because our office is currently undergoing renovations! We're building a brand new office space for 4 persons and it is heavy work, so we will have to work on a lighter shift for about two weeks. No worries though, we're giving top priority to your orders so there will be no delay and no impact of any kind on your orders' flow.

Enjoy the discounts, and see you soon on!






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