November Special Offer

10% OFF on ALL Belts and their Embroideries

After offering 10% off on all classic Bokken, Jo & Tanto, we're moving on to a new offer that will definitely have a wider audience with 10% OFF on all belts and their embroidery services. Many Dojo organize grading exams in October, so we hope this offer will be a good opportunity for many of you to acquire a new high quality belt made in Japan.
This offer will end November 28th at 4 pm, Japan time.

October was again a very busy month at Seido. In addition to the really huge number of orders we processed (and for which we owe you a huge thanks), we continued our work related to the transmission of traditional weapons from the Horinouchi workshop to the other workshops.
Most weapons are now back online and available for order, and although some of them suffered a significant price raise, we are happy with how things are going with the other workshops.
Unfortunately, the closing down of the Horinouchi workshop also meant that all orders had to be distributed among the remaining suppliers and it caused a huge overload of work for all craftsmen. The most complicated weapons - that are not back online at this moment - might not come back until things calm down, and that may not be before early 2020.
Additionally, we came to the conclusion that the remaining workshops won't be able to manufacture Katanakake (sword stands) at a decent price, because it is not their specialty and because they need to focus on producing weapons. We are currently discussing the possibilities with other craftsmen (some of them already manufacture swords stand for private customers and museums) so no worries, we'll have a few models back on the catalog at some point, we just don't know when.

In addition to this work, we added a few new products to our catalog!
- 3 Wakizashi Iaito from the Minosaka workshop. This was long due, they're available now. The Dotanuki (extra heavy models) Iaito and Wakizashi are coming soon.
- Striped Tetron Hakama, Aikido finish. This was a common request from many customers, so we added the product as a regular (made to order) item.
- 5 and 6 Shaku Octagonal Bo. Again, a common request from our fellow Kobudo friends, now available only as a standard (made to order product).
- A round long (60 cm) sansetsukon, from the Aramaki workshop.

And to conclude with the news, we also refreshed our blog a little. We corrected/enhanced a few articles that we (re)shared on social media. We are preparing a few new articles that should be published in the next few weeks.

Unfortunately, all this means that we haven't had time to move on with our video projects. We're still trying to find the time to focus on the 3 interviews that we already shot, but as you know, we think 'quality first' so we're not rushing things.

That's all for this month. Enjoy the discounts, and have fun on the mats!






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