November Special Discount

10% OFF on Accessories, Clothing & Bags

Here comes November, temperatures are dropping here in Japan, crimson leaves are slowly covering the entire country, preceding colder months.
The Covid situation is finally getting better, the number of cases is now below 500 cases/day in Japan, and under 100 in Tokyo. Of course, nothing is definitive, and cases will certainly rise again in the following weeks, but we can hope for a loosing of the Japanese border rules in the next few weeks. It is extremely important to us, for a reason we have not talked about publicly yet: we are waiting for Rahel Bünzli to reintegrate the team!! Our most loyal customers will remember the name. Rahel, from Switzerland, came to Japan 10 years ago to train at one of the most prestigious Aikido Dojo in Japan under the only 9th Dan Aikido master still alive: Tada Hiroshi Shihan. She stayed with us for several years and contributed to many important decisions that led to what Seido is today. She decided to go back to Switzerland to study new fields at university, and now that she graduated, she is on her way back to Japan. We are extremely happy and proud that she wanted to come back working at Seido, with a much higher position (general manager) of course. Unfortunately, despite the fact she received her visa months ago, Japan's borders are closed to newcomers, including working visas (which really makes things difficult for the team, as we really lack (wo)manpower), so we are eager to see Japan's borders loosening a bit, so she can finally take her position here and help us take Seido to the next level, again!
Anyway, we are relieved to finally be able to be more optimistic regarding the situation. We do hope that it's also getting better around you, take good care of yourself.

Last month's SWORD FAIR received a huge success, many of you took the opportunity to purchase a brand new Iaito, helping us keep the Iaito artisanry and Japanese savoir-faire alive. We wanted to thank you again for that.
This month, we are offering a 10% discount on Accessories, Clothing & Bags!
This is the perfect occasion to purchase new towels, Setta, Jinbei, new bags for your weapons (or your everyday life), and much more things!

Please note that this discount will end on November 25th, at 3pm Japan Time, so be sure to don't miss it!

As for the Black Friday, our usual customers won't be surprised to see that it will revolve around supporting charities. We'll prepare some nice discounts too, but no spoilers!

October report

  • Due to popular demand, we added some new artworks from Fuh-mi, including new unique Kakejiku triptychs! A bit outside of the most traditional calligraphy art, but it's also nice to cross the lines a little bit!  Discover all Fuh-mi artworks here.
  • Following the Tetron Aikido Hakama, our famous Tetron Iaido/Kendo Hakama is now available in custom colors! You can now order it in White, Grey, Light Grey, Purple, Brown, or Gold. Check it out!
  • On the YouTube side, we just published our interview with the team behind MUSUBI.
    It is based on a fusion between ancient martial arts such as Iai, Kenjutsu, Jojutsu, Karate, Jujutsu, etc., and artistic expression. We had the chance to interview Yui, founder and president of Musubi, and the Grand Master Hiroyuki Yashiro, the founding instructor.
    Together, we spoke about their unique discipline, Kobudo, the meaning of demonstrations, and how the pandemic changed their practice. Watch it now on our YouTube Channel.

That's it for this month, enjoy the discounts, and see you soon on!






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