November Special Discount

SWORD FAIR - 10% OFF all Iaito

Hello fellow Budoka,
It's November, and the end of the year is already around the corner. It's getting cooler here in Japan, but we know we have many more sunny days coming our way, we still have plenty of days to practice at the dojo, and to make the most of 2022.

For November, we decided to focus our monthly offer on a category of products we hadn't discounted in a while with 10% OFF all our Iaito! Whether you're looking for an Instock Iaito or a custom-made one, there are many possibilities available for you! Our in-house developed customization module allows you to easily customize your Iaito, selecting from hundreds of combinations of unique made-in-japan parts (Sageo, Tsukaito, Menuki, Tsuba, Hamon, and many more).
This special offer will also apply to our Wakizashi and Iai Tanto collections, so if you are looking to complete your set of traditional swords, this is the perfect time to do so!

Please note that this discount will end on November 25th, at 11 am Japan Time, so be sure to don't miss it!

November also means Black Friday, and like every year, we will try to make it revolve around a meaningful concept for the whole community and possibly beyond. Please stay tuned for further details.

October report

  • Your love for Calligraphy will be fulfilled as Fuh-Mi just released a series of brand new Kakejiku (hanging scrolls) and two Chikukan (bamboo writing strips) calligraphed with extracts from both the Earth scroll and the Ether Scroll of Miyamoto Musashi's Gorin no Sho. The latter product's type briefly appeared on the site but was instantly sold, so we thought some of you would enjoy it as well! Discover all these new products in her dedicated collection.
  • We also released a new short blog article from Fuh-Mi! In this article, she shares with you some interesting facts about Ink Sticks. Read it here: Ink Sticks, Everything you need to know.
  • Regarding YouTube, our channel has a new handle and you can now find us directly at Please feel free to spread the word to your friends, family, and anyone you know.
  • And last but not least, we finished the publication of the videos we shot during the 59th All Japan Aikido Demonstration ! In total, we released 78 videos, we hope you liked them! Stay tuned for more content on the channel!

That's it for this month, enjoy the discount, and see you soon on!






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