Seido's 10 Years Anniversary Special - 2nd Edition

Seido's 10 Years Anniversary Special - 2nd Edition

Joining the Celebrations of the Chinese New Year, we continue to celebrate the 10 Years of Seido! For the first edition of this special anniversary, we offered you a 10% discount on the whole website. The discount was a great success and for the second part, All Embroidery (except belt integrated embroidery), Engraving & Alteration Services will be FREE. Whether you want to adjust the sleeves of your Dogi, engrave your weapon, or embroider your name on your hakama, this is the perfect occasion to personalize your equipment and tailor it to your desires.

This offer will end on February 28th at 4 pm, Japan time.

Last month was busy as usual. As you already know, in September 2019, the Horinouchi workshop who held about 40% of the production of all made in Japan wooden weapons closed its doors forever. We recently published an article about the Future of the Wooden Weapon Industry and the consequences of that closure that led to a price increase in 2020.

Regarding our #BudoStudies program, we recently went to a trip near Fukushima with Alexander Bennett (check out his interview on Youtube) who invited us to join a Kendo-oriented Tour organized by the Fukushima prefecture and ANA (the largest airline in Japan). We visited many important cultural locations such as the Nisshinkan Samurai School where Alex gave a captivating lecture and where demonstrations of sword polishing and saya making were held. We have also assisted to a modern Sword Dance Performance and went to Iimoriyama to pay respect and clean the Byakkotai graves (a group of teenage samurai of the Aizu Domain, who fought in the Boshin War). 
We filmed most of the activities in order to promote the ancient culture of the Fukushima region, so stay tuned, it's coming soon on Youtube!

The publication of all the Kobudo demonstrations from the last Meiji Jingu Kobudo Taikai 2019 is almost finished.
Like every year, we will attend the 43rd All Japan Kobudo Demonstration, exceptionally held at the Tokyo Budokan, as the Nippon Budokan is closed for renovation in anticipation of the 2020 Olympic Games. As usual, we will film all demonstrations and publish them on our Youtube Channel.

Enjoy the discounts, and see you soon on!






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