Website Update & Blog Migration

It's time for a new version of!
November 13th, around noon, we have launched the latest upgrade of our Website, which contains the following improvements

  • A brand new blog interface that you will find on
    You will find a detailed article on the reasons why we migrated our blog from Wordpress to our store, what's new and what's coming up on this brand new blog.
  • A slightly reviewed homepage, with a few new features:
    • A double badge with our Facebook review rating and Google merchant review rating. Our very good rating of 4.9/5 is sometimes considered suspicious by some customers. You can now see that the ratings on Facebook and Google, which  are impossible to forge, are consistent with our own products ratings on the website.
    • A list of our latest YouTube videos.
    • A list of our latest blog articles.
  • A significant speed and accessibility improvement.
  • Various bug fixes

As you know, we develop our own websites, and while we are very proud of the quality of the work done, we can never be sure that it is bug free. 
Please feel free to contact us if you find anything you think might be a bug, and our tech team will work on it asap!

We wish you a very good browsing experience!






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