Christmas Gifts for everyone !

For Christmas, we offer PRESENTS with ALL orders in addition to our monthly Discounts !

We're happy to offer presents with all orders placed between December the 3rd and December the 26th (10 am, JPT), to celebrate the happy period of Christmas.
Depending on the content of your cart, you will be given the choice between various presents that you'd like to have shipped with your order.
It will be added to your order for free, and added in your parcel before shipping.

The list of presents will include (cumulatively):

    All those books are available in limited stock. We may replace/change this offer without prior notice.

    Why all those books?
    Kendo: Culture of the Sword is one of the best martial art studies published in the past few years.
    As the cover says, it's not only about Kendo, but it's about the entire sword culture in Japan and, therefore, related to all martial arts derived from the arts of the sword.
    Bushido and the Art of Living is an excellent study of the concept of Bushido, from its birth to the present days. It is relevant for all Budo practitioners.
    The Complete Musashi is the definitive work on Musashi's life and legends. It was inspired by the work of Uozumi Takashi, the Japanese number one specialist on Musashi. This book should casts light on Musashi from an academic perspective, as opposed to myths, legends, and the very widespread romantic view of his life.

    Alexander Bennet is one of the very few academics conducting serious researches on Budo in Japan. His work is an absolute reference to all practitioners and researchers. To discover more about Bennett's story and work, we invite you to watch our Youtube Interview published in 2016 (11 parts).

    We wish you all a wonderful Christmas and/or Hanukkah.






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