Niten Ichi Ryu Bokken & Shoto [Daisho Set]

From 4 workshops in 2019, the wooden weapon industry in Japan is now reduced to one workshop at full capacity and one workshop with reduced capacity. Stock shortage are more and more common, so please make sure to check the availability displayed above the add to cart button upon options selection. Feel free to read our blog article for more information on the situation.


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  • Niten Ichi Ryu Daisho Set - Bokken & Shoto

    Made in Japan (Kyushu)
    Available in white oak

    Both Niten Ichi Bokken and Shoto are made from wood coming from the southern islands of Kyushu (Japan), and are available in white oak.

    Those weapons are meant for students of the Kenjutsu school "Niten Ichi Ryu", a school founded by Miyamoto Musashi.
    Niten Ichi Ryu weapons are specifically thin and lightweight and are meant for practice with two swords.
    They also suit other styles' practitioners who are looking for a Bokken to work on precision and speed.

    This set is offered with a 1,000 YEN discount in comparison to separate purchases.

    We also sell the Niten Ichi Ryu Bokken and the Niten Ichi Ryu Shoto separately.

    We also offer the legendary Bokken "Musashi" meant for Suburi practice.

      • Wood species: white oak
      • Available finish: Standard Finish or Seido Special Finish
      • Manufacturing workshop: Aramaki

    Finish options:

    In 2021, with concerns for the workers, all workshops greatly reduced the number of urethane varnished weapons and replaced the finish with a "Candle Wax". Seido is now transitioning to a new finish offer for the majority of its weapons.

    Standard Finish: At Seido, we complete the workshop finish with Camelia oil treatment by default. This is the standard Seido finish.
    We do not apply any additional polishing for this finish, so some weapons might have a slightly rough surface.
    For maintenance, we recommend that you oil your weapons about once a month with a vegetal-based oil.

    Seido Special Finish: For this special Finish, we first apply a Camelia oil polish (oiling and sanding the weapons with oiled sandpaper), then we finish the weapon with high-quality beeswax. This finish makes the wood as smooth as it can be and guarantee excellent protection for several months.
    For maintenance, we recommend at least oiling your weapons every month or so. You can also apply wax a few hours after oiling your weapons (if some oil remains on the wood, remove it with a piece of cloth or tissue).

    Niten Ichi Ryu Daisho Set - Specifications
    Dimensions Bokken Shoto
    Full length: 101.5 cm 64 cm
    Blade length: 76 cm 49 cm
    Tsuka length: 24.5 cm 15 cm
    Tsuka diameter: 33 x 20 mm 30 x 19 mm
    Tsukagashira: Taira (flat butt)
    Kissaki: Kendogata (Old Kendo shape Kissaki)
    Mine: Gyo no mine (slightly rounded)
    Weight 360 ~ 400 g 200 ~ 220 g

    * Wood is a living material, color and weight vary from one weapon to another.

    About Niten Ichi Ryu :

    This Kenjutsu school, whose complete name is Hyoto Niten Ichi Ryu, is renowned thanks to its founder Miyamoto Musashi, the most popular samurai of Japan. Loosely translated into "school of the strategy of two heavens as one", its specificity is a broad catalog of techniques with two swords, Bokken and Shoto (or Katana and Wakizashi). Both Bokken and Shoto of this school were created by Musashi himself and have therefore been used in this form for over 400 years. Techniques with a Bo, a long stick, are also taught in this school. Moreover, several branches of this school - each one having a more or less direct connection with the school of origin - exist, as well as Niten Ichi Ryu inspired styles such as the two swords’ practices in Saotome Sensei’s Aikido.

  • Customer Reviews

    Based on 4 reviews
    Thierry (Calais)
    Travail du bois remaquable!

    Armes en chêne blanc magnifiques, les sensations au toucher du bois sont très agréables, presque réconfortantes.
    Merci aux artisans pour ce travail de qualité et à Seidoshop pour son professionnalisme.
    Je vous souhaite une longue continuation.

    Mosco (Singapore)
    Great bokken, lively and agile

    Arrived in 2 days of ordering, super fast.

    That being said the bokken themselves are extremely lively and agile (as they should be).
    The wood (tsuka area) is a wee bit slippery and obviously properly varnished but over time that should be fine.

    Zero complaints, cuts are expertly done (but also sanded to appropriate amounts), the bokken is bevelled where it should be and rounded where it should be.

    Tips on handling as per the below review are also spot on, so nothing to repeat there.

    兵法 (Germany)
    Excellent Product and Service

    Arrived within 3 days of ordering, amazing quality, and great customer service.

    I was previously using swords made from carbon steel for my training, which were way too heavy in the end and strained my wrist and shoulder. They also did not allow me to train for very long in a day due to muscle exhaustion from the weight.
    The Niten Ichi Ryu Daisho swords, on the other hand, are very light and easy to handle. I can train for several hours a day now easily without getting sore limbs or anything of the like.

    For anyone who is looking to buy these for training in the 5 positions from the Book of Five Rings, I would very much recommend them. However, be very mindful to not start using "chopping" cuts when training, as that can easily seem appealing due to the lighter weight of the swords. For proper practice in Musashi's school, you should make it a habit to swing the swords in a controlled and fluid way, rather than "chopping" forcefully at high speeds. While it may work to chop with light swords like these, doing so with a real sword that is heavier, would make your cuts very sloppy and easy to avoid. The essence of training the 5 positions is usefulness with a real sword, and this should be kept in mind even though the positions themselves will also help in many other things aside from sword combat. Swing the wooden swords as if they were heavy, real swords if you want to practice properly.

    Manuela (Lausanne)

    L’envoi a été aussi rapide que prévu, les armes étaient bien protégées dans leur emballage.
    Elles sont magnifiques, légèrement rosées (couleur du chêne rouge), exactement comme je les rêvais. Et surtout, je vais enfin pouvoir pratiquer à deux armes, mon épaule opérée vous remercie.




Niten Ichi Ryu Bokken & Shoto [Daisho Set]: ¥18,400


受注生産品 | 製作期間: 約前後 | 返品・交換不可
在庫有り (2営業日以内発送)
在庫状況 頃の入荷予定
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